Happy New Year 2010

Dearest readers,

Happy New Year 2010!!!

Some flowers to welcome the new year

Why not write a few words on the last day of 2009?

2009 has been great, and the highlights are many. Now, 2010 beckons and “Bring on the challenges!!”.

One thing I wish to work hard upon for 2010 is to spend more time with my friends. Life has a way of blowing you away with all the many different things that come across, but I neglected my friends this past year. So we kinda drifted apart. But I want this to change. So bring on the girls parties, outings and shopping treks!!! I need to spend time with my gurls… :p Miss you…

Well, Christmas just went by. It was happily spent with the family. And then I was on holidays from work!!! Hourray!! And I have been relaxing amidst new year chores, shopping and family dinners (and wines!).

My Christmas Tree

I gifted myself books by Lauren Weisberger (The Devil wears Prada, Everyone Worth Knowing, Chasing Harry Winston) for Christmas and thus managed to enjoy sweet reading moments. I also had a very nice dinner yesterday to celebrate a very special anniversary. Had a great time with Kervin.

All in all, the past week has been very satisfactory – a prelude to starting the new year. Further celebrations are on the way… what with le reveillon, and then New Year festivities and family fun, before resuming work on Monday.

So this is it then… Happy New Year to you all folks. Enjoy yourselves! And hoping from the bottom of my heart that the New Year brings you lots of love, happiness and success.

Take care.

And remember, do not drink and drive.



P.S the pics are some random ones I took this morning…


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A Saturday at home after a long long time

Today I spent my Saturday at home after a very loooonnnng time…

Well lately I had classes on Sat mornings, and in the afternoons Kervin and I would spend quality time together…

Kervin is away this weekend, and with the hols I found myself with a Saturday at hand. I had thought I would go shopping earlier, but on waking up late this morning I realised that it’s been a long time I am at home on a Saturday and decided instead to stay at home and look into the several chores I had in mind.

So I cleaned up my room, and other rooms in the house. Had a nice long chat with my brother. Helped my mum clean up the kitchen shelves. Slept. And was currently surfing on the net when I decided to post on my blog.

All in all, it was a nice Saturday. Specially after yesterday’s EOY dinner at Sunset Garden, though it was a day spent cleaning and sleeping. I believe it was a day well spent. And it is not over yet. I am thinking of spending the next couple of hours or so gift wrapping. And maybe end the day with a book.

I also came to the conclusion that I have become a mail-checking fanatic (I think it’s a bad habit I picked up at work)! I boot up my laptop earlier, with the aim of checking my mail, and ended up spending time on the net… Well, at least I got to set up download of “Love Actually”, a romantic comedy which I also thought I would be viewing tonight (Any of you have watched the film? I have read some of the reviews and it seems like a nice one. It was released in 2003.). But I think it willl be difficult to cram the film in tonight. Unless I forego the book and watch the film instead… Hmmmm…

Well, am off now to dinner then gift wrapping… Yeah! Do any of you know how to make bows? Ribbon bows to decorate a gift with? I know how to do some simple ones like the one below (The pic is a bit blurred I’m afraid), but have been trying lately some new ones like the puffy bow which is explained here . But I haven’t been successful with it yet.

Kevina's ribbon bow

Do any of you have some simple guidelines to making great ribbon bows? Maybe, I could then enhance the gift opening experience for my gift receivers… 🙂

So long friends.

Take Care


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My First Real Tea Set

tea set

No, this is not true… but it’s what is written on the box of my new porcelain tea set. It’s a pre-christmas, post-exams gift from my mom and dad!!

It’s a kid set I know, but it’s kind of cute… and I always longed for one in porcelain. I remember in my childhood days, I had a green and yellow plastic tea set. So many happy tea parties we had with it, my brothers and I… I still have some pieces of it around, which I stored in a box. I looked around but I can’t find the box. It had a beautiful carved (still in plastic) teapot which I specially liked. And a pink sugar pot too.

Ah, the good old days….

I had another tea party earlier, with my little brother, but it was a very giggly one… 🙂

So, I finally managed to go shopping yesterday (and today!). Ouf! And I bought myself several beautiful things among which are the candles and candle holder found in the pic above, among others…;)

The heat these days is abhorring, but you know… nothing can stand in the way of SHOPPING!!! Though you end up sweaty, hot and so so tired and possessor of great great things. But well, it was a good treat after 2 week’s worth hard work… Gift hunting was also fairly successful…

So one semester is over… It happened fairly quickly and now one assignment to go and it will be result time. And christmas time. And new year time….

Time flies by so quickly, the year will be over soon and 2010 will soon be here. So let’s end the year in style!

Happy shopping and gift hunting to all of you! And dinner parties, christmas luncheons and so on….

So long… Take care


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It’s snowing on my blog!!! lolz

The festive season is nearing… Christmas is behind the door…

And I am revising… First time I am studying hard in december. My BSc comprised of yearly modules so all revision was done in May-June. December does not really suit the revision mood… U always find things to do instead of revising… such as blogging… lol

Dunno y but procrastination is high on the list these days… must be the weather… and the lack of exercise…

A nice film is playing right now on TV, Taare Zameen Par which I am forsaking so as to revise, which I am not.

Enfin I am rambling here… C u soon people. Have to try and get back to my books.

Snow on. I have my eyes on a Porcelain tea set for Christmas this year… (Yeah I know am too old for playing with tea sets but they were kinda cute). Maybe if I concentrate enough with what matters right now, Father Christmas might decide I have been a good girl and gift me it??

😉 hint hint Kervin

So long ppl…

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Hi all,

Was stumbling around lately (so many things more interesting than revising during revision period!) and stumbled upon this:


It touched my heart and feelings and maybe will touch you too.

Take care ppl.


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Mauritius : My Opinion

This clearly needs a blog post!!

Yeah, I know that my last blog post date one year ago.. but I have been busy with life…

First, special Hi to Kervin.

The reason for my blogpost is the current Swine Flu pandemic in my country. WHO says we are in phase 6, meaning that  WHO considers the overall severity of the influenza pandemic to be moderate.

The moderate assessment reflects that:

  • Most people recover from infection without the need for hospitalization or medical care.
  • Overall, national levels of severe illness from influenza A(H1N1) appear similar to levels seen during local seasonal influenza periods, although high levels of disease have occurred in some local areas and institutions.
  • Overall, hospitals and health care systems in most countries have been able to cope with the numbers of people seeking care, although some facilities and systems have been stressed in some localities.


From the above, I believe phase 6 is where Mauritius stands too. There is 5 confirmed cases of deaths due to Swine Flu and another 4o confirmed cases of la Grippe A.  But medics say these do not reflect the real number… they have estimated (not confirmed) that there are around 25 000 cases of Swine Flu in MRU.

Hence, schools were closed today. An abrupt decision for many, since the government has been rallying against the closing of schools for the past week though they did not put aside the idea. And yesterday afternoon, it was announced that due to the increasing rate of absenteeism in schools and propagation of the virus, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will be closed today. However, teachers were to report to work so as to prepare notes and assign homework for students to work on during their forced holidays, which went on very smoothly. Several parents went to the different schools as from noon to pick up homework details for their wards. Also, it has been said, MCA with the collaboration of the MBC, will be conducting tv lessons for some specific subject during the week.

As usual, there has been many drama around the subject, specially due to the misbehaviour of the media, particularly the private  radios who instead of reassuring the population have been creating mayhem. Exaggerating each and every thing, bringing to light only flaws and failures, they added to the already mounting tension. They should resee their strategy I think. Bringing to light miseries of people is one great job, but in cases of calamities they should not dwell only on negativities but should on the other hand be encouraging and supportive and work towards sensitization to a better personal hygiene in the case of the Swine Flu.

And just to recapitulate, you should:

1. Wash you hands regularly

2. Cover you nose and mouth with a tissue paper when coughing. And throw it afterwards in a closed bin.

3.  Keep your space as clean and disinfected as possible.

4. Spend a minimum amount of time in crowded areas.

It does not hurt to repeat it once again. 🙂

So that’s it for the Swine Flu.

As for me, life has been ticking as usual… I am currently doing a master’s degree in Internet Technology and Web Development, which is proving to be mighty interesting (But I am right now in holidays due to the Swine Flu pandemic 😦 ). Well, I am actually working in the field of web development, an initiative for this particular choice.

And today totals 20 months…  🙂 🙂 🙂

And I feel on top of the world, though a little bit tired…

See you people. See you soon!!!


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