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The Deadly Python

Our OR lecturer has recently been speaking highly of the Python programming language.

Python is a high-level programming language which has been designed in such a way as to completely emulate the wonders of C/C++ but without the bother of complex syntax and complicated pointers. Python is distributed under an OSI-approved open source licence that makes it free to use, even for commercial products.

Some of its key distinguishing features include (

  • very clear, readable syntax
  • strong introspection capabilities
  • intuitive object orientation
  • natural expression of procedural code
  • full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages
  • exception-based error handling
  • very high level dynamic data types
  • extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task
  • extensions and modules easily written in C, C++ (or Java for Jython, or .NET languages for IronPython)
  • embeddable within applications as a scripting interface

Python is friendly and easy to use. It is powerful and fast and can handle mostly any problem-domain. But right-now, python is being used on a grand-scale specially in the Games Industry (PC games, etc).

To python is attached Pygame, a set of modules designed to be used with python to develop video games. Pygame was written by Pete Shinners – a geek with good intentions – and he actually succeeded in facilitating the lives of game programmers. Pygame has gained so much popularity in so little time, based on the assumption that, most of the complex graphics functions inside a game, can be abstracted from the game logic itself. Thus programmer van concentrate on the game structure.

As mentioned earlier, python boasts of extremely simple syntax, and thus makes a great first programming language to learn programming with.

But as for us, yr-3 CS students who already know the basic rudiments of programming, learning only the if constructs, while loops, variables declarations, etc for us to be able to work out the simple logical OR labsheets we are given in class, is not really constructive work.

Learning python to create magic is a better pursuit than to learn the basics only. However, learning the basics of it will take only an hour… so if u find u have a free hour somewhere,then go get cracking!

Our lecturer will be so proud of u. And of himself too.

So ppl, let the snake in… N we’ll compare results on Wednesday next in the Lab.



@ Yash: hre u r… 😉


October 11, 2007 at 8:37 am 3 comments


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