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It’s snowing on my blog!!! lolz

The festive season is nearing… Christmas is behind the door…

And I am revising… First time I am studying hard in december. My BSc comprised of yearly modules so all revision was done in May-June. December does not really suit the revision mood… U always find things to do instead of revising… such as blogging… lol

Dunno y but procrastination is high on the list these days… must be the weather… and the lack of exercise…

A nice film is playing right now on TV, Taare Zameen Par which I am forsaking so as to revise, which I am not.

Enfin I am rambling here… C u soon people. Have to try and get back to my books.

Snow on. I have my eyes on a Porcelain tea set for Christmas this year… (Yeah I know am too old for playing with tea sets but they were kinda cute). Maybe if I concentrate enough with what matters right now, Father Christmas might decide I have been a good girl and gift me it??

😉 hint hint Kervin

So long ppl…


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Christmas Dividers

Yeah so the holidays r here… n i finally remembered today that i am the owner of a blog..

Sorry readers. Mais le temps faisait défaut…

And this is still the case… It is the first time in my life, I’m having to work so hard during the hols… mais bon c la vie…

Let’s move to some other fun stuffs!!!

The festive season is here! Christmas is approaching and the New Year follows next!!

I looooove this period of the year, when everybody is frantic with SO much to do… and still find the time to enjoy themselves… (Shopping Sprees excluded!! These are so hot and tiring!!! especially at this time of the year…).

Normally, I do all my shopping in the month of Nov so that i do not have to face the crush of people who go out during the last month of the year… but this year i was unlucky enough not to be able to do so… n oh horrors!!!

Noticed something?? Am talking about festivities n being highly critical… I think I badly need a reality check…

rambles… rambles…. o fait mo koner aster kifer mo p indulge in blogging… i badly need to do some ranting!!

rant! rant!! am confused… i’ve got so much to do… n so little time… enfin si mo ti pou rant imp moins zt pa kroir mo ti pou gagne imp plis letemp???

wi c sa!

mais zt koner (hre i go ranting again…) mo pa ti pou mind being stranded on an island right now… alone with me n myself… n no worries.. n no proj… n no mini- proj… etc etc etc
speaking of island… mo p met essay met en plan ile o cerf dboute en ce moment… mais zt koner komien en bato pren pou ale kitte zt lor en l’ile ek revine pren zot?? Rs 200 par personne!!! Rs 200!! par personne!!

mo truv sa cher moi… surtou pou ban etudiants à l’université parski nu bizin paye transport, manger etc etc. Ene fois mo papa ti p raconter kan li ti p aprane l’inde, tou ban University students, on showing their student IDs would get preferential rates if they wanted to visit places.. this ensured Indians got to learn about the culture of their country… even if they had to wait till University to be able to do so… imho, It should be so in Mauritius too….
ayo la dimoune kpv dir ki mone pense ene zafer tipikment moricien la… bizin gagne tu zafer kdo… mais bon… il reste a debattre… mais mo pa p mean narien de la sorte…

moi mo truV li super cher si to ena pou paye Rs 200 par dimoune pou ene bato ale kitte toi revine pren toi… mettons ene bato kpv pren 15 dimoune, sa v dir pou ene voyage aller-retour li p gagne Rs 3000. B komien voyage li p bizin fer komsa per day?? around 10?? Laem fini fer Rs 30000. Rs 30000 per day!! B sa ban proprio bato ti bizin tir avion sa!!

Pna erreur maths la non Kervin?? non mo sir pna!! wi ena maintenance ek diesel ou l’essence (bato ki servi??) Ek ena zour letemps pa bon… Mais kant mem!!!

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui

C u ppl

Take care…

I’m making no promises but i’ll try to blog on a more regular basis…



Christmas Dividers

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