My New Banner!

checkd my new banner??

All thanx to Mike, a friend of mine who’z crazy abt graphics, designs and tops in our VR & Entertaiment Systems classes… Keep up the gud work…

The banner is lovely, isnt it? Thnx dear… u r a dude!


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I have got a friend whoz addicted to

I found this n thought to share it with you ppl…

To those doing ur thesis.. makes u think, doesnt it? 😆

No offence meant to anybody…

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One more day goes by….

Heroes… The TV show everybody is talking about… So as not to be left out, I started watching it too n guess wat… it is as addictive as my frens (minus one :lol:) said… It’s not bad at all…

Today, S.P. Radhoa’s funeral took place. His death has raised lots of controversies…. Check my fren’s blog for more information. But watever his methods, loads of ppl attended the funeral… the country has lost a true patriot. My condolences to the family n to the nation on the whole.

Avant hier, l’essence ek diesel in monter… zordi dilait in rémonter enkor… en janvier bus fares pou monter… entretemps pa koner enkor ki pou monter… lorla tax p tire manzer…

kt nu pays p aller? Progress apel sa ou regression? bof…

mo koner mone go out of subject en coup… bt the situation is becoming alarming… N i really cant see how the govt will bail us out of this… or maybe they can bt just wont…. 😦

Anyways… i hope u bloggers had a nice day n will have a nicer evening…

Take care

Kevina 😕

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My Second

Dear blog,

Let me tell you abt my day! As Wednesdays are, it was less eventful than usual… bt still it held that particular sparkle, since on Wednesdays, we have our OR class.( + lab in the afternoon), one of my fav modules for this yr.

OR (Operations Research) can be defined as a scientific approach to decision making (Lindsay Dookhit, 2007). For a formal definition see wikipedia.

L’ambiance qui reigne est due grandement à l’attitude du chargé de cours, Mons. Lindsay Dookhit. He always has a multitude of small stories and analogies in stock, which he uses to support his explanations and to make the lecture more interesting. But beware, he is no entertainer. Trop top sa classe la!

On top of that, pou ene fois mone ressi fini mo labsheet dan lab mem zordi. Am feeling so proud… 😀

Ensuite, I went to rh, since i had 4 hours free between classes n had the bad surprise of finding that the pair of shoes i recently bought, was being sold at half the price i formerly paid since it was on sale…

Sinon, it was a normal day as all normal days go….

N ya, some frens of mine today complained that my blog didnt hold anything interesting enough for them to comment on. But dears, it still doesnt have anything interesting even after today… 👿 but i really wouldnt mind some comments…. 😆

So, ppl, Take care.



October 3, 2007 at 5:10 pm 4 comments

My First Post

So here I am… some would say… FINALLY!

But let’s face it, setting up a blog is a huge decision…  n the reason mine has seen the day today, 2nd of October 2007 (Gandhi Day!) reeks highly of Yash…

One reason I was reluctant about it is because of the fact that blogs tend to fade, after the initial excitement it brings… but well, why not take the risk? We’ll see abt what happens later…

This is my first blog post and I find it requires loads of thinking… I hope my other posts are going to be much more intuitive…

So ppl, Welcome to my Blog… I am hoping that ultimately you might get a glimpse of heaven 😀 thru me n my posts. Keep visiting and do leave lots of comments.

Take care

A proud owner of a blog: Kevina 😛

October 2, 2007 at 6:01 pm 6 comments

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

October 2, 2007 at 5:14 pm 3 comments

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